Dazzler Tyre Sealant (500ml )


Dazzler Tyre Sealant(500 ml ) Anti-Puncture Gel is best suited for both tubeless and tubed tyres.

  • Suited for both tubeless and tubed tyre
  • Prevents puncturing of the tyre on the tread area.
  • Seals up to 6mm multiple punctures.
  •  Extends tyre life by 25%.
  • Easy to install and easy to wash.
  • Non-Flammable, Non-Hazardous and Environment friendly.


Dazzler Tyre Sealant(500 ml ) Anti-Puncture Gel

Our liquid gel is made with high-grade chemicals which rapidly seals the punctured tyre, without stopping your vehicle.

In Hot weather region, it acts as a coolant inside your tyre and prevents bursting of the tyre due to heating issues.


  • Shake the bottle vigorously before use
  • Deflate the tyre completely.
  • Attach the given pipe piece from bottle to valve.
  • Empty the entire bottle in a single tyre. ( for scooters, bikes and hatchback cars/small cars. For SUV’s use 2 bottles per tyre)
  • Run the tyre for a kilometre for dispersion throughout the tread area.
  • You are ready to go PUNCTURE-FREE.

Only tyres are that point through which your vehicle gets in contact with the road. So it’s obvious that they must be in good working condition, to assure your safety. Maintaining the tyres is a very crucial part. A well-maintained tyre lessen the misfortunes anyone might experience due to bad weather conditions.

For perfect maintenance of your tyres buy Dazzler tyre Sealant in India, as it prevents the chances of puncturing the tyre and also extends tyre life by 25%. During Hot weather, it works as a cooling agent inside your tyre which prevents the bursting of tyres due to heating issues.

Dazzler tyre Sealant is now for Sale in India.


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