Dazzler Tyre Sealant (1 litre)


Dazzler Tyre Sealant(1 litre ) Anti-Puncture Gel is best suited for both tubeless and tubed tyres.

  • Only for Cars and other heavy-duty Vehicles.
  • One bottle per tyre.
  • Suited for both tubeless and tubed tyre
  • Prevents puncturing of the tyre on the tread area.
  • Seals up to 6mm multiple punctures.
  •  Extends tyre life by 25%.
  • Easy to install and easy to wash.
  • Non-Flammable, Non-Hazardous and Environment friendly.


Dazzler Tyre Sealant(1 Litre ) Anti-Puncture Gel

This 1 Litre Bottle is specifically designed for Cars and other heavy-duty vehicles. We recommend One bottle per tyre.

Our liquid gel is made with high-grade chemicals which rapidly seals the punctured tyre, without stopping your vehicle.

In Hot weather region, it acts as a coolant inside your tyre and prevents bursting of the tyre due to heating issues.


  • Shake the bottle vigorously before use
  • Deflate the tyre completely.
  • Empty the entire bottle in a single tyre.
  • Run the tyre for a kilometre for dispersion throughout the tread area.
  • You are ready to go PUNCTURE-FREE.


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